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RUNNER Srl was founded as Bianchini e Draghetti snc in Cavezzo (Modena) on 2nd August 1974 as a mechanical workshop, specialising in manufacturing and processing mechanical parts for third parties for the medical and spare parts sectors.

In 1998, following a request from a friend who needed a treadmill for rehabilitation purposes, the two founders - Fausto Bianchini and Gianni Draghetti - decided to produce their first treadmill. The results of their commitment and determination were amazing, and they decided to offer this model to gyms in Italy. At the time, Bianchini e Draghetti Snc was the only company in Italy to produce this kind of equipment.

Thus, in just a few years they managed to perfect the treadmill, and began supplying personalised versions all over Italy.
Additionally, in July 1997 they launched the RUNNER® trademark, quickly becoming a leading company on the fitness market in the production of professional treadmills for fitness, rehabilitation, and cardiovascular and aerobic control.

Since 2001, RUNNER® has further increased its product range by adding the E-motion line to its well-established electronic treadmills. E-motion is a range of electronic and magnetic cardiofitness machines.

Innovative electronics technology combined with sturdy basic structures enables RUNNER® to produce safe, reliable, user-friendly, high-performance machines and still respect international regulations. Moreover, the working relationships the company has built up with specialised designers and electronics engineers over the years means RUNNER® produces all the components for its machines in-house, personally making decisions regarding detail, thus guaranteeing clients greater reliability. This mixture of experience and technology, combined with continuous research enable the company to manufacture treadmills for all requirements ranging from home fitness to rehabilitation centres, small gyms to large fitness centres, health farms to hotels.

The strength of a background which is unique to the Italian sector enabled RUNNER® to create the right situation for launching the trademark on the Italian market though a capillary sales and service network covering the entire peninsula.

The international market, on the other hand, is covered by authorised retailers/distributors, and also offers an After Sales service. RUNNER® is the official supplier of the British Army, which tested its treadmills by having fully equipped soldiers run on them over twelve hours - a fact which is worth a thousand words.

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